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Heart in Care Podcast

Welcome to the Heart In Care podcast series with Vanessa Norman, where we meet with people living with or working in the disability industry to discuss all things disability, to share knowledge, information and create awareness for our community.


Listen to our first episode for a heart to heart chat with our CEO and Founder about how she discovered her passion in the disability sector and how her personal journey opened her eyes and heart to understand firsthand what it is like to require support with her own children. And how she discovered a significant difference between having a support system who is interested and invested in everything they do versus those who are not.


EPISODE 2 –  Heart to heart talk with Loz Antonenko

Hear how Loz Antonenko shares her experience with our CEO and Founder, Vanessa Norman, on how she helps busy people unlock unstoppable performance, confidence, and focus. Let’s all listen to how she discovered her purpose in changing people’s lives by solving mobility issues while also harnessing the transformative power of habit to help people upgrade their happiness, health, and vitality to take them from being stuck to unstoppable.

EPISODE 3 –  Heart to Heart Talk with Ben Ho

Ben Ho from talk health physio is our featured guest on our third podcast episode. Ben is a physical therapist who runs his own clinic. He will impart his vast knowledge and experience gained from working in the NDIS industry, as well as how he provides clients with different services than other physiotherapists in the area.

EPISODE 4 –  Heart to Heart Talk with Sarina Irwin

In this episode of the Heart In Care podcast series, Sarina shares her story about her disability and how she has not let it hold her back. She also talks about how she overcame the challenges of living with disabilities and how she’s now able to live her life to the fullest. Sarina’s interview is a must-listen for anyone who wants to know how they can live life without letting their disability hold them back. What an inspiring story of overcoming life’s challenges and living your best life.This is a great episode that you don’t want to miss!

EPISODE 5 –  Heart to heart talk with the Founders, and CEO of JAM the Label

Listen to another heartwarming talk with Vanessa Norman, Emma Clegg, and Molly Rogers, the Founder, and CEO of JAM the Label. Learn how these two Melbourne-based Occupational Therapists discovered their passion for creating cool, comfortable, and easy-to-wear clothing for people with disabilities, and how they stepped outside their comfort zone to launch JAM in 2019. An inclusive online fashion brand that creates funky and cool clothing with universal features to help people get dressed, express their individuality, and live better lives.

EPISODE 6 –  Heart to Heart Talk with Roz Bolton

On our podcast episode 6, we’re talking to Roz Bolton. A passionate advocate for self-love and self-healing, she has helped thousands of people transform their lives and heal their minds, bodies, and spirits. She’s also a wife and mother of two kids. He has been married to Peter for 22 years, and Peter had been in the chair for 4 years before they met. Peter may be in a wheelchair, but that doesn’t stop them from achieving their goals as a family—they even travelled to Cape York Australia’s Northernmost point!  Listen to her story and prepare to fall in love with life all over again after hearing her story!

EPISODE 7 –  Heart to Heart Talk with Jen Parker

Jen Parker, a mum of two young boys and a Self Sabotage Mindset Coach, joins us in Episode 7. She works with businesswomen to help them overcome self-sabotage resistance. Listen in as she teaches women how to be vulnerable and authentic with themselves. Let’s listenand enjoy this episode as Jen shares her advice on how to live life with passion and purpose.

Guest speaker

If you would like to be a guest speaker on an upcoming episode to share your personal story, share your experience & knowledge with our community and discuss your insights on the NDIS & any changes you would like to see implemented in the disability care industry.

The podcast episodes are about 30 minutes long and conducted through zoom. If you are interested please complete the application form here.

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